Designed and made by a NZ Woman Dairy Farmer

Designed and made by a NZ Woman Dairy Farmer

Practical overalls for all aspects of farming.

Milking, calf feeding, collecting calves, putting up fences in high grass or crop paddocks and general work on a farm. 

The item is designed to keep the front of your legs dry and around the top of your gumboots at the back of your legs. The overalls have a full leg of cotton material underneath the PVC so the leg part can tuck into your gumboot with the PVC easily slipping over the top of either your short or long gumboots. The apron is shorter sitting just above your knees and clips onto the top of the overalls. Upon leaving the cowshed the apron is easily un-clipped from the overalls and clipped back together to hang up in the shed.

As this item is made from a mix of 100% cotton and lightweight PVC it is not fully waterproof and is easily machine washable.

Patent Number 719858

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